Established in 2000 by a team of engineers that have worked together for over 30 years we’ve worked hard to create a reputation synonymous with quality in every way.

Based in Surrey Sussex borders, we offer commercial organisations across the south east region the very best in architectural metalwork. Whatever it is you may require in metalwork, we take the greatest pride in maintaining our reputation with exceptional build and finish quality on everything from one off lobby centrepieces to walkways across an entire airport. Big or small, bespoke or uniform if it’s fabricated by Formost you can be sure it will be the best.

Our Company Values

High Quality – The level of design, installation, and finishing will be a very high level. Our perfectionism insist that only products meeting our high standards ever leave the workshop.

Solution focus – Our team will work hard to fully understand your true wishes, build upon your ideas and then guide you to having a rational, sensible, designed solution.

Deliver value – The products we create are made from high quality materials, and represent good value for the expertise, experience, and standard of workmanship applied.

Technical Expertise – Our team are highly experienced, capable, and well qualified. We share these strengths with you at all stages of the journey.

Caring – Due to our involvement in the design stage of projects, we emotionally invest in both the input and the output of projects. Our team truly cares about the end result.

Our Service Mission

Where required, we can provide a maintenance service for any products that require ongoing support.

As a customer of Formost Fabrications, from the outset you’ll feel well looked after by industry experts who genuinely care about giving great service.

From the moment we receive your briefing, you’ll find us keen to share our expertise and wisdom regarding practical options to suit budgetary and other needs. Once clear on the decision on those factors, you’ll enjoy the clarity of our quotation, and the simplicity in getting a project agreed.

You will quickly become confident in the designs we have provided, and in the solutions decided upon. As the project is discussed, you will find that timelining is simpler than with other suppliers, and you’ll love the sense of supportive project ownership we display.

That ownership approach will reduce the level of oversight, and for solutions to be provided to us. This means that you can leave us to get on with the job, knowing that we are a safe, reliable, trustworthy set of hands. In fact, more often than not, you’ll never know a problem got solved, because we just didn’t need to bother you with it!

Overall, the measurement of success for using the Formost Fabrications team is the fact that there will not be a need for a revisit or corrections on completion. Our solid systems, and thorough checklists simply ensure that we get it done right first time around.

As a result of our work, you’ll be confident to re-use us for future projects, and to refer us onward to others who need a great service from a professional, caring team.

You can learn more about our fabrication abilities and the range of additional related services we can provide across the pages of this website, or look over some of our previous projects to see just how yours could come out working with us!

We welcome enquiries so if you have any questions Contact Us and speak to one of our experienced team member.